Monthly Moon Magic: Birthing The New


New Moon at 10 degrees Cancer exact on 2nd July 20:16 GMT and Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer at 15:16 GMT

We are moving into the second Eclipse of 2019 with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 2nd July. This will be followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the opposite sign of Capricorn on 16th July. While eclipses can bring intense, unexpected experiences they are also potent gateways of change that bring us back into alignment on our path.


The New Moon and Eclipse is like a super charged New Moon - so it’s a powerful time to set our intentions as we are opening a new chapter.

It falls into the watery sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon herself. Cancer is an emotional sign that feels deeply. So we can expect an emotionally charged time where feelings rise to the surface to be cleared and released. Can we nourish ourselves and practice self-care as we navigate these emotional waves? 

The sign of Cancer represents the mother and divine feminine - which is all about caring, comforting and connecting to our intuition as we are embraced by her gentle waters. We are being asked to connect to these qualities inside of us and remember to nurture and look after ourselves.

Our home, family life and what gives us a sense of belonging are becoming a priority. We may notice issues in these areas or feel pulled between caring for others and ourselves.

The invitation is to feel our feelings - but, as the Lunar Eclipse in the disciplined sign of Capricorn will remind us later this month, we can do this without getting completely swept away by them. Our challenge will be to find this balance - and with it, a new sense of serenity and maturity.

With the New Moon Eclipse bringing us a powerful fresh start, this is a fertile time for birthing new potential and new realities for ourselves!

- Simona


Simona is an Empowerment Coach for conscious visionaries, Yoga teacher and Creator of Moon Tribe. She encourages us to follow our bliss.

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