Monthly Moon Magic: Catch and Release

New Moon at 15 degrees Pisces exact on 6th Mar 16:03pm GMT

Wowwwweeee this Pisces New Moon is setting the scene for an interesting month ahead…

The New Moon is exact Wednesday, March 6th at 16.03 GMT Get out your note books and write down those New Moon wishes after the event, Wednesday late afternoon evening, not before, and choose your words wisely for it seems like the phone lines to the divine are open right now, he/she/it is listening. 


This month, we are heavily influenced by Piscean themes, Pisces symbolised by two linked wandering fish, likened to Jesus Christ and themes of forgiveness, healing and universal love. Neptune, Pisces ruler, is at home, in his manor alongside the Sun and Mercury, planet of language. Mercury stationed direct on Tuesday (5th March) and will begin its thrice-yearly retrograde till March 28th travelling back through the sign of Pisces. 

Any time a planet goes retrograde it’s a second chance to review or revisit a theme the sign and house the planet is highlighting in our lives. In the chart of the New Moon its falling in the 7th house (for those who live in London), the house of partnerships, nudging us this lunar month to review our most important relationships, both personal and professional. 

A New Moon is a great time to begin again. Use this time to make amends and re-establish a healthier connection or cut ties completely and release that other person into the vast ocean of life. Forgiveness is powerful work, to forgive actually means to move forward and most often I have found when doing the work it means forgiving oneself. I’ve used lots of ways to forgive repeating or listening to the Ho’oponopono is profoundly simple and has helped me enormously. Read more about this ancient Hawaiian practice here.

It may feel like a confusing month. The shadow side of Pisces / Neptune can tip into illusion, aimlessness and disillusion…catch yourself quickly if you start trying to numb out. Be real and use the creative energy that abounds this month. Keep pushing the realms of possibilities within your mind. Making plans manifest is more celestially supported next month, with the fire starting energy of Aries.

Much love till the next New Moon 

Kiranjot xx


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