Monthly Moon Magic: Only The Brave

New Moon at 15 degrees Aries exact on 5th Apr 9:50AM GMT

Boom the first New Moon of the astrological year, clear some space on Friday 5th, after 9.50am for your favourite manifestation practices, it’s a real power portal for setting deeply personal intentions, be bold with them, be brave, Aries medicine wants you dive into life, head first, think later.


Aries the first sign of the zodiac is all about autonomy of the individual. Aries wants you take the reigns of your life. It’s brand new, fresh starts, birth like, bambi-style wobbly legs and child-like enthusiasm. But with the child-like energy comes the childishness, and the Aries shadow side is selfishness and immaturity. With Chiron, the wounded healer also in Aries, where he’ll be for the next 7 year, it’s quite possible that the return of the light in the northern hemisphere will illuminate our deepest wounds, those we received in childhood.

Aries teaches us to identify and prioritise our personal needs but Libra, its opposite sign, the partnership one, reminds us we do not exist in isolation. Ultimately we can cooperate and live in harmony when we learn how to compromise. This month our Aries new moon is sandwiched between two full moons In Libra giving us a double dose of this Libra lesson.

As Mercury slowly edges its way out of its watery Pisces retrograde shadow into Aries, the fire energy will increase and Mars, Aries ruler has just entered air sign Gemini, the chatty one, to fuel the flames. The Full Moon on April 19th will be an interesting one, placed at the final degree of Aries. A karmic placement, it says do your life laundry, show up or there’ll be a show down, don’t put off the conversations you need to have with your nearest and dearest. 

As scary as this may sound, Aries ruled by Mars, a courageous warrior, wants us to live our lives free of the restriction of fear. To live our truest and happiest lives, we have to take bold steps and sometimes that means being confrontational. Mars is big FIRE energy. A little is great for passion , tend to it, do not live with resentments they will manifest as rage. Say what you mean but don’t say it ‘mean’ is a great saying to live by this month.

In Kundalini we say Sat Nam when we greet another. It’s an acknowledgment of truth. Sat is truth, as in I see your truth, the light in your eyes, the beat of your heart. Nam comes from Namaste, to greet with great reverence. 

Anytime you feel like a hot mess this month, before you act out, take a big breath, drink a glass of water then breath in Sat exhale Nam, it will centre you, do it for as long as you need to reconnect to your souls true purpose.

We all know that we come from a place of equanimity in ourselves we are so much easier to be in relationship with.

Much love till the next New Moon 

Kiranjot xx


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