Monthly Moon Magic: Seeing the Big Picture

New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius exact on 4th Mar 21:03pm GMT

Dear heart, how are you this midwinter? Spring is close now but it’s still brrrrrrrr outside. Celestially, the Sun and now the Moon and Mercury have moved into Aquarius. This New Moon is exact at 15° and 45 minutes. Aquarius bears the life giving flow of water for others. In true Aquarian form. This New Moon is heavily aspected by the big outer ‘societal’ planets, of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus and makes an ‘interesting’ uncomfortable angle to Chiron the maverick healer, at 29° Pisces.


Any celestial body in the final degree of any sign can signify a sense of urgency or even crisis. So while chaos reigns at large, it’s important that we don’t let what’s going on outside disturb our inner peace. If you’re being triggered by the current transits, hang on in there until Chiron enters Aries the first sign of the Zodiac on Feb 18th. When we’re rushed we don’t tend to make the ‘right’ decision, Aquarian energy is deeply intuitive and rational, so use this lunar energy to help cool you down until you can see the bigger picture of which we are all a part.

Take time out in the dark of the Moon, just as the witches do, to banish and purify before you call forth what you need. I recommend thoroughly smudging your home at this time of year before you write out your New Moon wishes. The best time to write out your wishes this month is Monday night after 21.03 or first thing Tuesday morning.

Here’s a guided Kundalini meditation from my you tube channel for the third eye, for some extra assistance. if you don’t know what you want or the next best step to take.

Much love till the next New Moon 

Kiranjot xx


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