Monthly Moon Magic: Speak From The Heart

New Moon at 12 degrees Gemini exact on 3rd June 11:01am GMT

Happy New Moon lovers, She turned new at 11.01am exact this morning in the sign of the celestial twins, Gemini.  Story has it one was a mortal and the other immortal, ruled by the messenger of the Gods Mercury, Gemini is all about connection through communication wether that be with another person, with yourself or with your higher power, this is the month of all months to really watch your words.


This New Moon particularly has a “question everything” kind of energy and the potential to massively mess with your head. Gemini is a mutable, shape-shifting restless air sign. Journal it out, don’t believe everything you think, and talk it through only with people you trust.

There is a T-square in the sky made by the aspects of the planets. A great tension between the Moon, Jupiter and Neptune. The outlet for this frustration can be found through the sign of Virgo, the energy of careful discernment. Go carefully and all will become clear by the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 17th June.

Did you know as we grew in the womb our tongue was formed from our hearts?!  Before you write your wish-list this month, really go sit deep in your heart. The reality is, there is the life we are living and the life we would like to live. Words create thoughts create actions, create our lives, carefully consider what words will take you to where you want to be. Gemini gathers information, Sagittarius runs with it. Things will feel so much clearer come the Sagittarian Full Moon on the 17th.

Sat Nam

Kiranjot xx


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