How to Begin

How to begin: with whatever strikes your fancy.  Literally.  Your ‘fancy’ is the inner you, your ‘real me,’ and where your intuition speaks, it is your spirit.


Here’s a bit of my “beginning” story: I am easily twice the average age of folks around me in the room.  I’m in San Francisco, and a spritely dear friend who is a good 20 years my senior has recommended this ‘gentle’ yoga class, and I’m finally ready to give it a go (I last about 3 classes).

I’m looking for peace of mind, at least that’s what I think I’m looking for.  I try a meditation class at the local cabana club.  And have at this point checked out the entire spirituality section from my local library.  The weekend seminar last fall on mindfulness at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center was terrific, but on an intellectual level.   

Fast forward a year, and I find myself living in London. A couple of friends are attending a session at a cool venue in Shoreditch (House of Hackney), the first of a series of back-to-back sessions by Marc Peridis on various topics around the idea of Alchemical Transformation, which sounded like nothing I’d ever heard of before.  So I went.  And I came back the next day, then the next day.  Each session was very different, and somewhat woo-woo… and transformative for me.  It was the right time and the right place and the right person and the right practices. It started me on a journey of self-discovery and healing that has changed my life for the better in unimagined ways.

We’re all on journeys, right? Physical, spiritual, mental, emotional… through time and space, backwards, forwards, and sideways.

Some of us are on the doorstep looking out, some of us are on the doorstep looking back inside.  Some of us are on a walk with no particular destination, but the fresh air feels pretty good.  Some of us are out there writing travel blogs for whoever is supposed to read them.  And some are tour guides, pointing out interesting stuff we might want to investigate.  Here’s to us all. 

I decided to be brave.  I also decided that my instincts would let me know if something was for me or not.  And that is exactly how it has worked out.

If you’re thinking about trying a class or a healing modality, just do it.  So, what strikes your fancy?

About the author

Jane is a classical musician in London.  San Francisco was home for many years and now she is enjoying being an intrepid adventurer while on her spiritual path. 


Author Q&A:

  • What’s your astro sign?: Cancer
  • What’s your favourite wellness practice in 3 words or less?: Anything gong related
  • What inspires you right now?: Sound meditation
  • What tarot card, crystal, song or animal speaks to you right now: Loving my badger spirit animal