What You Didn't Know About Gratitude

The act of being grateful for one’s blessings is a beautiful practice that goes a long way towards cultivating happiness in an age where we never seem to have enough. The simple ritual of consciously taking stock of what we have to be thankful for is so powerful and really helps us to find inner peace and attract abundance into our lives.

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But what if there was more to gratitude than meets the eye? What if you can enhance your practice to bring even more love, acceptance and positivity into your life? Over the past few years, I’ve learned some beautiful secrets about gratitude that have helped to propel me forward and bring me peace in times of great pain. I hope that by sharing my learnings, you too can reap the rewards of a really sexy gratitude practise.

Be grateful for what you desire

I first heard about the concept of thanking the universe for what you want in ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne but it was only recently that I put the notion into practice. Whilst reading the book ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donalde Walsh, a fascinating and soul-warming book, I again came across the concept of being thankful for what you desire. The theory is that the act of giving thanks affirms to the universe that what you desire is already in your life, and as a result it is so. When we ask for something, we are affirming to the universe that we do not have that thing in our life, and thus it is so.

When we’re thankful for what we desire, the result is two-fold – firstly, we shift our perception away from what we don’t have and we experience life with our desires already present – even just for a few moments while we visualise. This lightens our mood and changes our vibration which the universe then mirrors and gives us more of.

For example, I constantly misplace my house keys especially when I’m in a rush and need to get out the door. When this happens, I stop and imagine finding my keys. I thank the universe for helping me locate them and after a few moments I look somewhere I wouldn’t normally look or I randomly remember where I last put them. It works every time, provided I genuinely feel what it would be like to find my keys – the relief, the happiness!

Being grateful for the good stuff is easy

I believe in showing gratitude for every wonderful thing that enters my life – a beautiful flower, my lunch, the health of my family, the list goes on. But this aspect of gratitude is easy, not that easy is bad, its just easy to be thankful for positive things. The tough part comes in when showing gratitude for the hard things, the hurt, the pain, the uncomfortable. But its at these times that gratitude can help us the most.

Example – our neighbour was re-doing his driveway and he asked if he could park his van in our drive to which we agreed. His van sat there for weeks. We didn’t anticipate it would be there for so long and it started to bother me more and more. I’d come downstairs and look out the window to see our neighbor’s big ugly van blocking the light and my view of the trees outside. I’d mutter and grumble to myself every time I walked downstairs and saw the van, I’d imagine all the sarcastic things id say to my neighbour and how ungrateful he had been. Nothing changed. The van didn’t move and I got angrier. until one day I decided to be grateful for the van. I looked at it and said ‘thank you for this van in my drive. This van shows me just how much I appreciate the trees outside my window and without the presence of this van, I wouldn’t have realised just how lucky I am to have this wonderful view. I immediately felt better, at peace and an hour later the van had been moved never to darken my view again. To this day, I appreciate the view outside that window more than I ever have. It sounds strange but try it. It really works!

Gratitude in times of hardship creates an instant shift – it shifts the mindset and it shifts the situation too. As soon as you look at a situation and consciously say, ‘I am grateful for this situation because…’ you are directing your brain to problem-solve and to view the situation as a constructive tool that is assisting you in some way. On a deeper level, gratitude in this way helps you to make peace with a situation and accept it for what it is. Acceptance moves us away from resistance and into flow and when we are in flow, energy and situations can shift and change in the way they are meant to.

So what next?

In order to start growing your gratitude practice, here are my top 3 tips to get you going:

1)      Everytime something brings you joy, no matter how big or small, say ‘Thank you’

2)      Instead of asking for something to appear in your life, feel what it would be like to have it and thank the universe for making it so.

3)      Next time you’re hurt or challenged by a situation or person, say ‘I am grateful for this situation because…’ and feel the sense of peace wash over you

Being grateful for the things that I desire as well as those situations that bring pain and heartache have had a profound impact on my life. By cultivating a gratitude practice that spans the beautiful, the challenging, the existing and the desired, I believe we can all live a life filled with more peace, more love, more acceptance and most importantly, more miracles.

Holly is a coach and spiritual cheerleader helping individuals to find their glow and step into their power. She recently set up her own business ‘Just Say Glow’ and when she’s not working or walking, she’ll be hanging out with her husband, Labrador and baby boy - Most probably eating.

About the author

Holly St Clair Moor is a coach and spiritual cheerleader helping individuals to find their glow and step into their power. She recently set up her own business ‘Just Say Glow’ and when she’s not working or walking, she’ll be hanging out with her husband, Labrador and baby boy - Most probably eating.


Author Q&A:

  • What’s your astro sign?: Scorpio
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  • What inspires you right now?: The power and beauty of women
  • What tarot card, crystal, song or animal speaks to you right now: I’m loving carnelian - a red/orange crystal that stimulates creativity and courage, promotes positive life choices and motivates for success - BOOM!