Trove Tarot: Perspective from the 5 of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles. This is one of the most debated cards of the Tarot. With this card, we’re channeling the message of “keeping perspective in challenging times”.


In the classic Rider Waite Tarot deck, the poor individuals walking in the snow are just surviving. They are not alone and are relying on each other to make it through their challenging circumstances, which is admirable...But it is almost as though they are so focused on their present difficulties that they are walking past a place of safety and security without even seeing it.

If they would only look up and see the warmth and beauty emanating from the stain glass window, they could seek comfort and support inside. The Five of Pentacles is a firm reminder that if you are going through something tough, keep going, but also remember to look up!

See the people and resources around you that are ready and willing to help you, listen to you, support you with love. We hope you feel well and supported this week and take time to be gentle with yourself through the intensity of the upcoming astrological retrograde season. More on that to come!

- the Trove Team