Keep a Place for the Wild Woman

(The Wild Woman)...even the most restrained woman keeps a secret place for her.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes - Women Who Run With the Wolves

We keep a secret place for her, the wild woman.

Maybe for you, your wild woman is wise, listening to her own heart and intuition as a guide in moments of need. Maybe your wild woman is fierce and proud of her mind, her soul, her body. Maybe your wild woman doesn’t give a flying-rat’s-ass about what other people think about her.

Maybe your wild woman knows when she needs to return to herself, return to nature and to be alone. Maybe your wild woman knows how to run in a pack, how to support her sisters and brothers in their time of need without giving too much of herself away. Guard that secret place for her, cherish her and love her. Her unconditional love for you is an incredible gift.

About the author

Rachel Onojafe is Founder of The Trove and a modern mystic, dedicated to waking people up to the strength and wisdom they can gain from ancient healing tools. She is originally from California but London is her spiritual home. With her astrological Sun in the 8th house, mid-heaven in Saggitarius and her Saturn return behind her, she can't wait to see what happens next. 


Author Q&A:

  • What’s your astro sign?: Libra (but my chart Scorpio dominant)
  • What’s your favourite wellness practice in 3 words or less?: Intuitive Tarot Reading
  • What inspires you right now?: Drawing on inspiration and strength from my spirit animal!
  • What tarot card, crystal, song or animal speaks to you right now: Clear quartz 1000%