Monthly Moon Magic: The Lion's Gate

New Moon in Leo exact on 11th August 9:58am UT

As I am sure you have heard this lunation is the last of this years three eclipses. They started with the new moon in Cancer on Friday 13th July and combined with the massive amount of heavy planetary retrograde activity, this summer hasn’t been the easiest to navigate energetically. But like all great challenges when you come through the fire you are truly transformed. 


This new moon is in Leo and so aptly named ‘the lions gate.’ Leo ruled by the sun, the giver of light and life to our galaxy. Leo rules our hearts without which we cannot live and asks us are we living true ? So use this energy and ask the guardians of your heart, fear, anger and sadness, for it is they that decide how we plug into the world around us and enable us to be truly deeply happy or not.

This new moon is aspected by a juicy confrontational square to Jupiter in Scorpio, arguably the most intense sign of the zodiac. Scorpios don’t just feel things like normal people they are assaulted by their feelings. So if you’ve felt a bit meh about the last two eclipses, third time lucky baby, squares are opportunities for deep soul growth. Saddle up, hop on and enjoy the ride, with full consciousness. Acknowledging your darker feelings is the first step to loving and letting them go. 

If this all sounds rather alarming don’t worry Jupiter is a benefic planet, we are protected wherever he shows up in our chart. When you jump, you will be caught. He is also aspected by harmonious trine from dreamy Neptune in his own watery sign of Pisces and sextiled by Pluto in Capricorn, the builder of the zodiac. Sextiles are opportunities that require a little bit of co-creation to get the gold. So put the work in this weekend and I promise you will be rewarded. 

It’s my deepest belief that ultimately it’s nature that heals, nature is the most powerful force on our Earth. Sustains us and soothes our frazzled nervous systems. Make the time to take a long walk in silence, no phone, no money no nothing, just you and nature. Hold a pertinent but simple question in your mind. Listen and look for signs. Nature speaks to us all the time. Are you listening she’s always right. 

Till next month

Sat Nam

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Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!

Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!