Monthly Moon Magic: A Spark For Your Vision

New Moon in 0 degrees Gemini exact on 23rd Nov 5:39am GMT

These special lunar zones are natural times that shift your energy levels, your mental projections, and your performance

The Sun is beaming its light onto our Moon from the sign of Sagittarius the archer who, on a good day, aims the arrow at the stars. The full Moon sits in the opposite sign of Gemini. Both signs deal with ideas, Gemini obsessively gathers information to paint a broad picture whereas Sagittarius has more of a tunnel vision to the truth. 


Gemini's ruler Mercury, the messenger, the symbol of understanding between heaven and earth is in retrograde at this time. It’s a reflective energy and is asking you to question what your aiming for. This Mercury retrograde step back, detach yourself from your mission for a moment and try look at it through the eyes of a stranger, check in with your highest self…are you really heading in the right direction?

What’s really interesting is this full Moon is the first of five full Moons at 0 degrees. The threshold, a rebirth, the breath in before the big leap, the start of something new!!! Our energies rise at full Moons, and this Gemini full Moon is mental energy to the MAX so to counterbalance this intense mental energy, I’ve created a very special Gemini Full Moon disco on 24th Nov. We’re going to get back in our bodies and dance it off Kundalini Style. 

We need to have an healthy outlet for the excess energy or it will go to our heads and mess with our thoughts. Thoughts create feelings, create actions, let’s make our actions serve our highest purpose here on Earth and shoot for the starts rather than ourselves in the foot.

Much love

Kiranjot xx


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