Monthly Moon Magic: The Winds of Change

New Moon in Libra exact on 9th Oct 4:46am GMT

Libra is the energy that needs balance for a happy harmonious existence. As an air sign, it naturally holds the intel into how to make that happen. The key to using this New Moon energy wisely is to connect to to your intuition. Libra can be indecisive, seeing all aspects of a problem or situation…intuition is knowing the best way forward without overthinking it. 


This month the New Moon in exact in the 2nd house of the astrological chart, the house of values. It is square to the planet Pluto in the 4th house representing the home, roots and security, so there is much potential for transformation here. This transformation won’t be without it’s challenges. Diplomacy, in these times of change, is key which is also a Libran trait. Action is asked of us to respond to these ‘winds of change’ with the Moon making a helpful trine to the planet Mars in Aquarius, also known as ‘the blue sky thinker’. So if you don’t know quite what your pan of action is, don’t worry because inspiration is in air. 

The New Moon energy is the most magical time of the lunar month, don’t forget to write out your wishes! The most potent time the month is between 04.46 and 9.50am Tuesday 9th Oct. After 9.50, the Moon goes void-of-course all day. This is the perfect time for spiritual practise of any type. Lean into yours and let spirit guide you.


Much love till the next New Moon 

Kiranjot xx


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