Monthly Moon Magic: Climb The Mountain And Travel Light

New Moon in 15 degrees Capricorn exact on 6th Jan 1:28am GMT

The Capricorn New Moon, (aligned with a powerful solar eclipse) the auspicious first New Moon of 2019 occurs at 15 degrees Capricorn at exactly 01.28 Sunday 6th Jan. Capricorn ruled by Saturn is made of stern stuff, he rewards hard work and will reprimand you if you slack off. Saturn also rules time and he’s currently residing in his home sign (Capricorn), which makes this energy of paying attention to time or even worrying about time, particularly prominent right now.


So don’t waste any time and pay close attention to the areas of your life that need clearing up. The dark of the Moon is a prime-time transformation portal. Go hunt for the unnecessary rubbish in your life, whether it be physical or emotional, and bring it forth to be released at this time. By releasing these things/people/situations/stories, you will access the full healing potential of this New Moon and solar eclipse.

Once you release what no longer serves you, don’t look back. Capricorn is the sign of the sure footed goat that climbs the mountain along often very precarious paths. To climb you need to travel light. This Capricorn New Moon overshadows the sun, in a solar eclipse, giving us a chance for an emotional reset to double check that the path we have planned feels right.

Eclipses have the potential to create major breakthroughs. If you are at at crossroads in life, give an offering to Hecate (ancient goddess of journeys and magic and protector of women) in the dark of the Moon. She champions those who live on the edge and are at points of transition. 

Keep your eyes on the prize in 2019 and don’t waste your precious time on people, situations or things that drag you down. Happy New Moon!

Good luck on your journey dear heart

Kiranjot xx


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