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The Ultimate Beauty Hack

When Life gets too much, stop, look around you and find whatever it is that gives you pleasure, satisfaction, pride and joy. When Life becomes challenging, look around and find whatever it is that makes your heart sing, that puts a smile on your face, that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Then remember what it feels like when you see your Beauty and when things in your Life happen, perhaps not according to plan, stop and think of the importance of seeing Beauty.

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Our New Logo: The Lotus And The Eye

When I set out to create The Trove, I knew the name and branding were very important. I didn’t need a Masters in Marketing to understand that brand imagery is evocative and powerful (though it does help sometimes!). On my branding journey, I’ve spoken to focus groups, polled friends for opinions, worked with amazing professional designer Rebecca Elizabeth and read books and articles on the subject…then I listened to my inner voice and went with my gut.

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