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The Ultimate Beauty Hack

When Life gets too much, stop, look around you and find whatever it is that gives you pleasure, satisfaction, pride and joy. When Life becomes challenging, look around and find whatever it is that makes your heart sing, that puts a smile on your face, that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Then remember what it feels like when you see your Beauty and when things in your Life happen, perhaps not according to plan, stop and think of the importance of seeing Beauty.

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From New Year Intentions To Everyday Actions

It’s tempting to harness the energy we experience at this time of year - as the festivities give way to rest (i.e. flumping on the sofa in front of Christmas movie marathons), there’s a sense of caterpillar in the cocoon and there’s often a spark, a moment when we start thinking about the next year, the next cycle in our lives.

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