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botanical astrology circle

at 19 Greek Street Gallery, 1st Sept 10-12:30 GMT

As part of the high-vibe Cosmic Soho weekend in London, take your Astrology knowledge to the next level, and see how your planets correspond with the trees of Mother Nature. Pre-patriarchy, there was The Celtic Tree Calendar. Divine Feminine in structure, it sees the year divided into 13 moon-tastic signs, each corresponding with a tree. Have The Celtic Tree calendar reveal the hidden aspects of your zodiac signs and add new witchy dimensions to your astrology practice - with astrologically aligned potions and rituals taken from the gardens, riverbanks and forests of Gaia.

We will also literally be breathing with trees, via a Breathwork circle which will connect you with the spiritual support of trees themselves. Like a kind of land feminism, the power of women, nature and trees are synonymous with one another. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, says: “Long ago there was a deep devotion to living trees. The tree was truly a Great Wild Woman.”

Please note that this event is open to all genders that wish to work with the feminine energy found within nature.

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Lucy North

Lucy is the founder of Lateral Haze and is a Contributor to The Numinous, where she writes about pre-patriarchal Goddess Culture and the Divine Feminine.  Lucy is a Breathwork Healer, as trained by David Elliott in the U.S.A, and currently runs Goddess / Wild Woman healing circles in London and New York.

Lateral Haze is a creative space that celebrates Storytelling within Consciousness, connecting the dots between storytelling, mysticism and feminism. Having recently been featured on W Magazine's video for International Women's Day, she holds events and workshops at She's Lost Control, RA MA Institute, The Feminist Library - and The Alchemist Kitchen and Maha Rose in New York.