Celebrating the wild woman

The words ‘WILD WOMAN’ probably conjure up all kinds of images in your mind. Are they positive images? Negative images? Frightening or comforting? The truth is, the WILD WOMAN lives inside us all. When and how will we let her come out to play? Let’s explore together...

To celebrate International Womens’ Day on March 8th, The Trove is collaborating with a fantastic group of inspiring practitioners and healers to present a month-long festival of events! All March long, you will be able to explore the archetype, power, insights, folklore and magic of the WILD WOMAN.  We’re beyond thrilled to announce the beautiful curated programme of events below. Mark your calendars!


Let’s explore together

A woman dressed in a flowing dress running through a field, a rockstar head-banging on stage with a devil-may-care attitude, a hippie burning her bra to fight the patriarchy, a mother protecting her child from a wild animal, a witch cackling over a cauldron...who is the WILD WOMAN?
— meditation prompt

a curated programme for march

The Trove presents a festival of events throughout the month of March celebrating the archetype, power, insights, folklore and magic of the WILD WOMAN. Register your interest below. When event tickets are live we will send you an email!

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