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You’re at a point of TRANSITION in your life and you are ready to take a big step towards something new! You know that you are a passionate and capable person but you feel like you haven’t found your THING yet. You feel like you’ve been stuck living up to other people’s expectations for your life.

Maybe you feel like you don’t know who you are and you aren’t showing up as your REAL SELF in your job or relationships.

Maybe you want to make a change in your career or take the LEAP and start your own business…but you just haven’t found that BIG IDEA yet.

You’re frustrated and you want to move forward but the path is not CLEAR. You feel de-motivated and stressed by this feeling that you should be doing something else…

But you are determined and MOTIVATED to figure out how to do this. You’re excited to see what’s NEXT.

If you have a desire to get out of bed in the morning knowing you’re on your path and this is what you were made to do, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to find YOURSELF and your PURPOSE!

Below are 3 coaching offerings to get you JUMP-STARTED on your unique path! 1) Cosmic Clues 2) Life Purpose 3) My Superpower

Choose one that speaks to you or book a FREE 15-min call with our Life Purpose Coach & Trove founder, Rachel, to see if these are a good fit for you or your organisation. She can always create something special for you and your goals and looks forward to meeting you!




It’s in the stars

Find out the cosmic clues to your destiny, solve those sticky problems of daily life and get guidance on relationships. This session is part cosmic reading and part coaching. Bring your questions about your work or purpose, daily life or relationships and let’s dive in! Each reading will centre on 1 theme or key question that you wish to explore. Rachel will use astrology, numerology, human design, oracle cards and other cosmic tools + life-coaching methods to bring insight and guide the session.

60 mins



Finding the path

What if your work in the world was something that made your heart sing? How would that change how you feel getting out of bed in the morning? How would that change your sense of wellbeing, your relationships, your health? This session will help to shift things quickly for you. To help you find what lights you up and identify the next step you need to take to begin turning this into your purpose. You bring the passion, let’s find the purpose.

90 mins



embrace the badass you are

You know you are unique and amazing right? It’s time to call it like the universe sees it and identify your SUPERPOWER! Having a crystal-clear picture of what you are uniquely gifted at, will help make everything else fall into place. Relationships, work, daily life…it all becomes so much more fun and fulfilling when we truly know and embrace ourselves. Find out what the cosmos has to say about your personal sparkle and use your intuition to create a ‘Superpower Statement’ that you can use to activate your inner radiance and confidence.

90 mins


* Monthly coaching on your Life Purpose (including business coaching) and/ or Your Superpower starting from £444 per month including 2 sessions per month, action plans and Voxer voice-message coaching (+ snazzy bonuses like meditations, affirmations and bespoke ritual-creation just for you!)


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meet Rachel


It all started when…

I realised that the thing I had been working so hard for, the thing that I’d developed so much anxiety, stress, expectation and crippling self-doubt for…was suddenly not what I wanted anymore. I’d been clawing my way up the corporate ladder and, from the outside, doing a great job at a young age, but I was a zombie inside. Trying to channel any motivation I had left into relationships, spending all my money, reading a book a week, and taking up hobbies didn’t make me feel better. I was feverishly trying to find somewhere I could put my talent and energy and coming up empty.

If there’s one thing about me, I’m determined.

I was developing strategies for billion-pound companies and I was known for problem solving abilities, especially when it came to people and high-stress, chaotic situations. So I took myself on a journey. Once I uncovered and realigned with my authentic self and discovered my superpower, I had all the ingredients ready to make space to receive my BIG IDEA. When I did receive my idea to create The Trove, it felt incredible, like everything fell into place! Of course, I didn’t know then, that the practices and tools I created for myself was something I could teach others. But, the things we struggle with in life, often become our expertise! I’ve found my purpose and path I cannot wait to help you to find yours as well.

As part of my path, I’ve been called to coach aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and passionate purposeful people as they awaken to their authenticity and follow their mission in making the world a better place. Let’s dive in together…



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What if I don’t know which session is for me?: Don’t worry, that is something you and Rachel could discuss in your discovery call. You can chat about your needs and then she can recommend a session that can be tailored to you!

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to do these sessions?: No not at all! The sessions don’t need to be specifically job-related.

Do I have to do these sessions in a particular order?: No, you can do them in any order.

Are these sessions only for individuals or can Rachel coach my team at work?: Absolutely, Rachel can tailor any of the sessions to an organisation or team. This may be a different price-point as the preparation and timings may differ. Please get in touch to discuss!

What if I want to book follow-up sessions?: This can be discussed with Rachel on a case-by-case and availability basis with Rachel in your Discovery call.

Will there be refunds available?: No