monthly moon magic: Authentic Action

New Moon in Virgo exact on 9th Sept 7.01pm GMT

The days before the New Moon are the phase known as the 'black' or 'dark Moon'. This lunar energy calls us to go deep within ourselves, at this time there is so much potential for deep and transformative healing. 

This dark moon is in Leo. It’s asking us to look back at our achievements, those which have made our hearts sing. The times and places where we felt the fear and did it anyway. Life moves at such a fast pace it’s hard to recall all the incredible things we did and what we learnt along the way.  Take some time these next few days before the New Moon to remember the key learnings of this past year and place something of meaning on your altar that acknowledges just how far you’ve come. 


Anchoring deep within ourselves is an important practise as we’re under a heavy influence of a the zodiac forming what astrologers call a grand cross in the sky above. If we're not living our truth we'll feel uncomfortably pulled in all directions by the conflicting energies. 

The Virgo New Moon on Sunday wants us to get our house in order. Virgo's energy is super-organised. This weekend as we move through these cosmic tensions take a good long look around, tidy house, tidy mind. Virgo is an Earth Goddess and carries the power of manifestation and she wants you to succeed, it’s time to let go of what’s not serving you mission here on Earth.

The dark moon phase up to Sunday we see Moon opposite Mars in the sky, gifting us a direct, no messing, go-for-it type energy. Squaring Venus opposing Uranus wanting space and honesty in relationships. Squares are potent spiritual upgrades, ignore them at your peril, start with the relationship to yourself always. Remember what people mirror to you is usually annoyingly a reflection of yourself. So go mindfully, the celestial energies of Mars and Uranus as they are the most volatile. And if you’re feeling triggered, take a breath, drink a glass of water and watch your mouth, all will be OK. Come Sunday evening, Mars will be opposite the north node in Leo aligning us to our authentic self

The Virgo New Moon will be exact Sunday at 19.01pm and be opposite Neptune right at home in his own sign of Pisces, the dreamer. Aim for the stars, use this dreamy invitation productively write a wish list. That’s the first best step in making dreams come true. A hand-written wish list is a tangible thing and the more you can be clear with yourself and the universe about your ambitions, the more the universe will conspire to make them happen. When making your New Moon wishes, remember that we all carry gifts this world needs. Humanity is at a critical time and the world needs people of compassion and consciousness to step up. Be you, be true and go for it, the time is now.

Sat Nam

Much love till the next New Moon 

Kiranjot xx

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Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!

Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!