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Have you been trying to figure out what you’re good at? Do you have this sneaking suspicion, you have all this potential but you don’t know how to tap into it? If you are searching for your mojo, your inspiration, the thing that you are uniquely good at...then it’s time for you to DISCOVER YOUR SUPERPOWER.

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Date: This 4 week course starts 7th September, 2019!

Cost: From £350 (payment plans available)

Course Duration: 4 weeks, 2 hrs per week min.

The Chakras are an ancient system for understanding energy centres in the physical and spiritual body. In our modern life, we often say things like ‘I feel broken-hearted’ (heart-chakra), ‘I’ve been uprooted’ (root chakra) or ‘I didn’t see what was really going on’ (third-eye chakra). Learning about what the 7 main chakras are, where their energy resides in the body and how we can identify misalignment is an incredibly useful life skill!

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Date: Anytime you wish, this is an online video course including an eBook, Worksheet course guide and special meditation!

Cost: £42