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Energy Sex & Money - 90 min Webinar


It takes strength and radiance to own your worth and desires. 
Take that step with us and allow your scary shame to be realized and understood. 
Let it go.  
We have so much shame and programming around our rights to have anything we want.
We guilt ourselves out of true pleasure and happiness.  

We all have abilities. 
We all have been lost. 
We all deserve love. 

Energy is the most powerful form of Being-ness and with our experience and guidance we are able to support your energetic consciousness so you may experience the true oneness of the frequency of sexual freedom and monetary rise!

How can exploring our relationship to sex and money create a gateway to our deepest intelligence and highest wisdom?
How can we use our energetic capabilities to find mastery and equanimity in areas of our lives which are often chaotic and messy?
By becoming a better version of ourselves, each of us can fulfil his/her highest purpose in helping to shape the course of humanity.



We will create a circle of power for those that want to say yes to real lovemanifesting on earth in the form of sex and money.

Your facilitators Charmaine and Marc will share their story of sex, money, shame and rise. 

The whole webinar is conducted as an energy ceremony with energetic merging, sound and dowsing to guide us all into an intensified high-vibrational field, enabling the awakening of new powers and capabilities for participants. Through the Truth & Transparency of Marc and Rev. Charmaine you will have access to fresh insights and newly acquired capabilities, gaining the ability to transform and reach a higher state of being.


  • The online workshop will take place on 13 OCTOBER 2018 at the following times:

  • LA (PST) : 8 am / NYC (EST): 11 am / LON (GMT): 4pm / PAR (CET): 5pm

  • The cost of the workshop is $36 USD / 31€

  • The duration will be 90 minutes. We strongly advise to plan an extra 10-15 min grace period afterwards for grounding and integrating.

  • This workshop will be held online via ZOOM, the link to the webinar will be received by participants once they have completed the registration.




Reverend Goddess Charmaine:

A trained Shaman, Reverend Goddess Charmaine has led workshops in NYC and the Tri-State area since 1992. She is an Ordained Interfaith Minster with her Ministry in Tantra and Goddess Consciousness. She is continually increasing her knowledge and work as a facilitator of personal empowerment through her in person and online workshops. She has written two books, The Sensuous Mystic ~ Uniting Sex & Spirit, and The Goddess Scrolls ~ Sacred Erotic Tales, that continue to Inspire and Enlighten.

Marc Peridis:

Marc was first initiated as a shaman whilst undertaking missions through Mongolia, Liberia, and Brazil.  He is a certified reiki and Theta-healing practitioner, has completed the 20 levels of Kenneth Ray Stubbs' Path of Shamanic Transformation training as well as all of the modules of Christian Kiriacou's House Whispering Academy. He has created a body of work based on temple-making knowledge from ancient civilisations, undertaking missions, ceremonies and workshops across the world. More recently, he has specialised in supporting clients in their explorations on
The Art of Divine Prosperity.