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Imbolc Goddess Circle With Lucy North

Let there be light! Join us on the eve of Imbolc for an auspicious women’s circle to honour Brigid, the Celtic Triple Goddess.  Not to be confused with Saint Brigid, who is a contained and edited version of Her, we we will be honouring this incredible Goddess in her full pre-patriarchal magick. Brigid is the entire Divine Feminine encapsulated in one Goddess. Via Storytelling, Breathwork Reiki infused crystals and ritual, come work with Brigid  and know yourself as Mother of All Beings, Queen of the Underworld, and Mistress of the Elements. 

Imbolc is a sacred time within the pagan calendar, and it’s a date especially dedicated to Brigid. Marking the first step toward Spring,  this is the time that The Crone energy of the Winter months shifts into the Maiden energy. Ice may still be beneath our feet but seeds deep beneath the Earth are beginning to stir. This is the time that wise women must gather in circles in order to light Brigid’s flame, to call forth Spring - and set our intentions for what we will harvest in the coming year!  

Brigid’s sacred flame in Ireland may have been blown out by Henry VIII 500 years ago. But She and her light iare back! Thanks to two Irish sisters, today her flame is lit in County Kildare once more – and in honour of Brigid also being the Goddess of Compassion, this flame was recently visited by the Dalai Lama. February is such a powerful month for The Feminine. Come light your flame and work with the truth of myth to know yourself as She. 

As part of the evening, you will also receive a Reiki infused crystal synonymous with the energy of Imbolc!

This event is open to all people identifying as female

About Lucy North

Lucy North is the founder of Lateral Haze and is a Contributor to The Numinous, where she writes about pre-patriarchal Goddess Culture and the Divine Feminine.  Lucy is a Breathwork Healer, as trained by David Elliott and Erin Telford, and is also a certified Reiki healer.

About Lateral Haze

Lateral Haze is a narrative based theatre project that celebrates Storytelling within Consciousness, connecting the dots between performance, mysticism and feminism. Having recently been featured on W Magazine’s video for International Women’s Day, she currently runs Goddess / Wild Woman storytelling circles in London and New York.