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Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training

Depending on whether the modules are in a more or less intensive format, the duration of the training is over a period of between six months to a year. Sara Avtar generally teaches on all Level 1 Teacher Trainings in collaboration with other Shakti Dance Teacher Trainers who have been trained by her.

An academically extensive, while deep, and beautifully transformative training awaits you. The program has been developed to directly embody all theory experientially. You will learn to practice and teach a unique entwinement of yoga and dance. Embodying the teachings, you will be energised, your mind awakened and spirit elevated, as you merge with the life force and give expression to your soul impulse…

You will learn different yogic techniques and dance-styles and how they are interwoven and sequenced, according to their qualities and energy levels - as ‘tools’ to stimulate and rebalance the pranic flow in mind and body.

Learning to practice and teach Shakti Dance® opens up a vibrant source of creativity, lending form and expression to each teacher's unique gifts. Regular practice expands horizons for clarity of purpose, facilitating the realisation of soul potential. As a Shakti Dance® Teacher, in elevating you are elevated!

Payment plans are available or tuition can be paid in full.

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