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Conscious Conception Ceremony with Cacao

  • 42 Acres, Shoreditch, London (map)

As a birth worker, Laura believes that our entry into the world is of paramount importance to our journey through life. Laura works with women as a full spectrum Doula - from preconception, prenatally, supporting births and the postpartum period, in the full spectrum of life, love and loss (Soul Midwifery). Laura is passionate about chain-breaking ancestral and soul wounds

This ceremony is a holistic exploration of our core soul wounds through the lens of our own birth and maiden experience and that of our matrilineal line. Working with various nurturing practices to help to release blockages related to ancestral and soul wounds

No matter where you find yourself on the path to conception - if you have been experiencing issues with fertility or secondary infertility, around abortion, loss or miscarriage, have previous birth trauma or if you are curious about how to prepare yourself for the future - this is a safe space to support your journey as a woman

On this journey we will be creating spaciousness to explore the depths of our relationship with our own divine feminine temple in loving surrender so that we may access our innate powers of healing. Looking at how we may welcome our soul babies from a more consciously connected place

You will be tenderly held in a sisterhood circle to explore the lineal landscape between maiden and mother. Using tools to access the wisdom of the womb space and honour your needs as woman

Our journey will be supported by ceremonial cacao from the IAMOE centre. This pure grade cacao is grown in Ecuador by Dr Rocío Alarcon - Shaman and Ethnobotanist - grown with a particular focussed intent for healing women