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Let Us Hear You Roar | Wild Woman Series

  • Skylight Centre 49 corsica street London, N5 1JT United Kingdom (map)

A Workshop to Release your Wild Woman in collaboration with The Trove’s month-long event series Celebrating The Wild Woman.

Do you ever feel like you just need to let your hair down and get wild? To get fierce; to be seen and to be heard. If you responded yes, I invite you to come and be part of a sound and movement journey as we open our hearts and become more present to our own power.  

Come and join us, as we meditate, stamp, dance, use our voices and breath to shift and release stuck stagnant emotion and move through to a new way of being to invite in more love, light and joy.  

During this workshop, we will move to primal rhythms that attunes our heartbeat back to that of Mother Earth, tapping into our inner fire, dropping into our bodies and releasing our wild woman. And once we are danced out, we will return back to softness and open our hearts to receive love and grace through the ethereal healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls and Reiki. 

 My intention for you is to let go and release for something new to emerge; something that empowers you to remember who you are and who you want to be in your life. That moves you towards feeling more alive, more whole and free.

On this night, in safe held space, we will celebrate and honour your wild woman. 

Tickets are £33 + booking fee.

Now let us hear you roar: An invitation

This is your invitation, to step into the circle.
To begin to drop your coat of armour,
For you do not have to fight here.
You are safe. 

You are held.
By your sisters.

Now let us hear you roar.

Turn the light to shine inside
Look deep within
Let it begin to rise...

Let it begin to rise.
Allow it. Feel it.
Then stronger,
Building. Growing.
Stay with it,
Breathe with it.
You do not need to fear it here.
You are safe. You are held.

Now let us hear you Roar
Let us hear you roar
For all that was not said
For all that was not heard
For all that you swallowed and For all that you let slide
Out of fear,
Out of pain.
Deflated that there was no change
Roar for it all.
Here. Now

Now let us hear you roar
Let us hear you roar as you free her,
From within.

Hear her.
Witness her.
Free the years of holding on.
Waves are coming in,
Allow them.
Waves are moving out,
Flow with them.
No longer locked inside your whole body roars
Roar. Roar it all

Roar for all the unheard women
Roar for their pain
Roar for change
Roar for yourself and for the collective

And when there is no more.
When it has all boiled dry.
Lie down here and let us hold you.
Rest awhile.
Know it in your heart.
Know it in your soul.
It was not too much.
You were not too much.

This is the wild woman and she is free.
This is your invitation.
Now let us begin.


Sara is a Women's Empowerment Guide, walking you through the gateways of transitional times in your life. She is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Reiki and Sound Healer, Wholefood Chef, and Transformation Coach. She weaves all these skills to create a loving safe space to facilitate deep healing. She is also Founder of Wild Awakening. 

Wild Awakening is a platform to explore how we can live fully present and aligned with our creativity, our flow and how we hold ourselves accountable for the imprint we leave behind on others and planet earth. It is a space to reconnect to our magical essence and to remember and honour who we truly are. It is a platform for community, for collaboration and co-creation; a sharing space for discussion, inspiration, awareness and personal and collective growth. This is our wild awakening.

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