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Ecstatic Shamanic - Medicinal-Grade Dance Experience

Ecstatic Shamanic - Transformational Conscious Dance <3

Welcome to the next level.. A Ceremonial & Medicinal Grade Dance Experience✨

Benjamin Crystal and special guests are excited & humbled to facilitate your Ecstatic Dance experience. Over two hours you will be guided on a nurturing and ecstatic dance followed by a sacred frequency sound healing.

The journey is guided with music and gentle direction, mainly beyond words. Through harmonic flow, simple exercises, visualisation and intention, we build the energy and a deep personal experience. 

During the experience participants intuitively connect with flow state, oneness and experience ways to naturally access higher states of consciousness.

The focused intention and dynamic energy within the dance, is channeled into a deep healing & personally transformative experience. This is a sacred space where we can explore our connection to the synchronous nature of everything, our place in this great mystery and most importantly gain an authentic experience of our true selves.

Ecstatic Shamanic is a drug & alcohol free event. We are the ceremony, Music is the Medicine! (blindfolds or eye-masks are not used at this event). No experience necessary to receive great benefit.

You are cordially invited to join us on this beautiful, playful dance, of discovery, healing & authenticity.

Dance, Dissolve, Connect, Become.
We Welcome You! Come Dance Your Dreams Alive ♥