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"Space clear" like a pro

Space clearing is the term we generally use when referring to energy work for our physical environments.
A singing bowl, some burning sage, our focused attention and a bit of abracadabra are the main tools usually associated to this practice. Spatial energy work , however, is much broader and expands far beyond the practices which are familiar to us.

Ancient civilisations considered land energy portals the gateways to the heavens above.
Grand and majestic temples and sacred monuments were built around these, using principles which chosen to amplify and magnify their power. The goal was for human beings to access higher levels of energy, bridge other dimensions and connect to their higher selves.

Today, we can use this knowledge to create sacred spaces which can help us achieve our objectives, live richer and more purposeful lives as well as deeply impact the lives of others.

Marc Peridis is a teacher and mentor who specialises in deep creativity, connection to purpose, and unlocking sustained prosperity. Previously an interior designer, his London studio had overseen the completion of over 500 projects for clients such as Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs.
In 2014, an experience in a temple in Bangkok awakened his journey as a shaman and a sacred space designer. Since then, he has lead Earth Energy ceremonies and vortex energy workshops around the world, and currently teaches Vortex energy as well as the art of designing sacred space to groups and individuals.

In this 2-hour lecture, he walks us through a brief history of spatial energy work, the do’s and dont’s of this sacred practise, he recommends the best tools to use and which to avoid and also shares his favourite practices which participants can try at home.

The lecture will end with a group guided energy practice and participants will be able to take away a practice they can continue at home

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