Dalya heron brook

Combining traditional coaching techniques with powerful shamanic healing Dalya promotes health, wellbeing and contentment in the mind, body and heart.

Clarity • Vision • Confidence • Self Esteem • Empowerment • Relationships • Boundaries Vulnerability • Sensuality • Intergenerational Wounding • Stuck Patterns • Negative Behaviours Trauma • Anxiety • Fear • Low Mood • Sadness • Lethargy • Stress • Letting Go • Harmony

With Dalya you can combine talking therapy and healing over a series of weeks to untangle complex issues or elect to have a one-off healing for a specific need. Always personal, these are guided by you.


Trove Top 3

  1. What inspires you: I am inspired by stories. By uncovering mysteries, overcoming obstacles and triumphing over what seems impossible. That’s what drew me to this work.

  2. Favourite spiritual practice: My favourite Wellness Practice is daily Gratitudes. It is so simple, so easy and yet so effective!

  3. Tarot card, crystal, song or animal that speaks to you right now: My favourite Stone is a large smoky quartz from Brazil. It is calming, grounding and powerful. Although it is traditionally associated with the masculine, to me it feels like a beautiful balance between Shiva and Shakti.