Lucy north

I'm the founder of Lateral Haze, a spiritual creation which celebrates Storytelling within Consciousness. My soul mission is to assist in the ascension of this planet's people via the integrating and healing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  I'm currently  running Goddess / Wild Woman healing circles in London and New York that integrate storytelling  medicine, energy healing and performance art.


Accessing the energetic blocks in our body via storytelling as guided meditation, I then use hands on Reiki sound healing and Breathwork to help both groups and private clients to master their energy fields - and write their own script. I love storytelling - but I love the consciousness that we came from even more. It's time to take back this planet's fairytales and paradigms and create cosmic connections from "beyond the wings!"


Trove Top 3

  1. What inspires you: Love. Nature. The Universe. Being an intergalactic being. The sound of piano keys. Humans who aren't afraid to cry and laugh in equal measure.
  2. Favourite spiritual practice: Oooh, impossible to pick one as I love to blend. Meditation has been my foundation. Breathwork, Reiki, and Kundalini gives me a supercharge -  whilst writing music and doing Astro Tarot reminds me that the universe is counting on us.
  3. Tarot card, crystal, song or animal that speaks to you right now: Dragons