Rachel onojafe

I’m a Life-Purpose & Business Coach who focuses on Authenticity and Ideation. That means that I help people to re-discover their true and unique core selves so that they can practice radical self-acceptance. From that place of radical self-acceptance, all ideas, business growth and positive life shifts, can come.

Transformation might be my middle name! So of course this is a focus of my work. For astro-enthusiasts I have my Sun in the 8th house along with Pluto which is my dominant planet, plus I have Uranus and Saturn conjunct Midheaven in Sagittarius…now you know everything ;-)

I have been through massive personal transformation and growth over the past 32 years and I have learned that it all starts with loving what you see on the inside before you can go out and build your dreams on the outside. I’ve experienced intense anxiety, depression, eating disorders, co-dependency, self-harm and burnout and, through it all, there was always a very small voice saying “you can survive this, you can do this, you are worthy of love”. I want to do everything I can in this lifetime to help people turn that small voice into a BIG VOICE. That’s how we save ourselves and the world and bring the light.

I do 1-1 coaching sessions and 3-6 month packages and I host The Trove Collective membership group. I focus on Authenticity and Ideation…helping you answer those questions: “Who am I?” “How can I be more authentic in my work?”,“What’s my Big Idea or Purpose” and “How can I develop it into a Business?” I infuse my work with wisdom from my own experience and the wisdom of astrology, numerology, the intuitive arts (oracle cards, tarot etc) and the 4 elements.


Trove Top 3

  1. What inspires you: Archetypes! I’m a story-teller so I love hearing the stories of ancient mythology or times gone by. Archetype-work is a big part of my personal practice and working with goddess energy is incredibly inspiring!

  2. Favourite spiritual practice: Meditating and speaking to my spirit guides

  3. Tarot card, crystal, song or animal that speaks to you right now: The Magician is my Life Path tarot card so that always speaks to me! And I’m very drawn to Labradorite crystal right now.