The breath guy

I am Richie or “The Breath Guy” and I am the founder of Xhale, a company dedicated to spreading the life changing possibilities of Breathwork.

Breathing is the only system in the body that is both automatic and also under our control. That is not an accident of nature - it is be design and is the key to becoming a healthy, happy and high-performing individual.

My own experiences with Breathwork have completely shifted my life and my beliefs on the potential of human beings and how they can be healed, both mentally and physically. Just by becoming aware of how you breathe and applying certain techniques you can permanently reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate depression and other chronic conditions such as ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, improve sleep and increase clarity, creativity and flow in your life. 

I have held Breathwork workshops and retreats, witnessing the transformative effects of Breathwork across five continents. I currently teach Breathwork classes in London and work one-one with people who wish to accelerate personal growth and development quickly.


Trove Top 3

  1. What inspires you: When people have the courage to be vulnerable and express their truth. 
  2. Favourite spiritual practice: I LOVE my morning routine where I combine Breathwork with various forms of meditation - the absolute best way to start the day

  3. Tarot card, crystal, song or animal that speaks to you right now: One of my teachers recently said that she felt my current spirit animal is a beaver, which represents building and creation. This definitely resonates with me at this point in time.