Sybelle Koelbl

 I'm a naturopath who uses nutrition and herbal medicine to support people achieve optimum health whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually.

I love exploring the psychic and mystical side of herbalism and will frequently incorporate alchemical, Ayurvedic and astrological traditions into my practise. 

However, before fellow esoteric Trovers get too excited, most of my approach is grounded in human biochemistry but I apply this in an energetic framework to get the best results for the individual.

My biggest passion is to empower people to take their health into their own hands using the knowledge passed down through generations of wise women. 


Trove Top 3

  1. What inspires you: Knowing that herbal medicine will save the world! Seriously, it's free medicine that everyone can access and we have millennia of evidence for it working! No testing on animals required- just more love and respect for Pachamama! 

  2. Favourite spiritual practice: Walking and talking with plants

  3. Tarot card, crystal, song or animal that speaks to you right now: The Queen of pentacles Tarot Card for me, represents harmony between nature and culture. I love her grounding and nurturing energy which is much needed for my Vata dosha!