Herbs, Healing & Halloween

at Evolve Wellness, South Kensington, London 27th October 13:00-15:30 GMT

Tickets are £35 each

In this workshop, you will learn about the herbal lore and goddess mythology of the season and how you can practically apply these teachings and medicine in your life. We will learn about and reweave the ancient practises of the pagan festival of Samhain also known as the Celtic New Year, (today known as Halloween) to welcome in the new season.

Samhain is a special time to honour our ancestors and accept our experiences of the year as we look forward to the next.  In this interactive session you will learn about different herbs and how you can use them as natural remedies. You will be able to make your own herbal tea and remedy-tonic to take away as well! You will learn how to use plants to support the seasonal reflection and equip and nourish you through this journey into the dark winter nights ahead. 

We will close with a sound meditation using sacred Tibetan bowls and you will receive a beautiful goody bag to take away! We look forward to this beautiful workshop celebrating the magic of herbs and the season. We are capping this event at 20 spaces so grab your spot now!


What to expect:

· Introduction and lore of Samhain and the Celtic New Year

· Mix your own special brew of herbs to use as a magic tea this autumn

· Make your own potion with flower essences and let your intuition or dowsing tools guide you to find your healing ally

· Dark goddesses related to Samhain and their magic for the season

· Sound meditation on the medicine of the season with sacred Tibetan sound bowls

What you will get:

· A goody bag with seasonal surprises

· Your own blend of herbs for a seasonal brew (tea)

· A glass bottle with a magic remedy of your creation 

· Useful tips and information about herbs as well as the lore of Samhain

What to bring: 

· Wear comfortable clothes as we will be sitting on the floor on mats and cushions

· Bring warm clothes for the meditation which will be done lying down


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Izzy living

Izzy is a naturopath and nutritional therapist. Her approach combines science and biochemistry with her understanding of energetics to achieve optimum health and wellbeing through nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes. She is passionate about empowering people to take their health into their own hands and promoting the knowledge the wise woman traditions.

Izzy loves exploring the spiritual and mystery of herbalism and will frequently incorporate Ayurvedic, alchemical and astrological traditions into her practice.