manifest with the moon

A 4-week online journey to sync your life with the lunar phases



I am so pleased to promote this incredible 4-week online course from my dear friend Simona, founder of Moon Tribe Yoga! I met Simona last year at a yoga festival as she was leading Lunar yoga flow which was entirely new to me! To this day I have not seen anyone else offering this. She has created a beautiful community called Moon Tribe where you can combine the physical and the spiritual aspects of working with the Moon cycles, to manifest what you dream of and to find more inner-peace and wellbeing. Whether you are familiar with the Moon cycles or are a complete beginner, this course and online journey is for you! Simona makes everything super easy and understandable and shows us unique practices for each phase of the moon for a full 28-day cycle.

Following the Moon through her cycles can have a POWERFUL impact on your inner balance, fulfilment and perspective on life…and I’m not just saying that, I have LIVED it! I have been working with the Moon cycles for 3 years now and it has profoundly changed my life for the better. I now understand why my energy dips and flows during the different phases and how I can utilise lunar energy at certain times in the cycle to manifest positive outcomes! It’s really practical magic that anyone can learn.


This 4-week journey through each of the lunar phases is designed as a deep dive into an enhanced life experience that’s unique to YOU. You can start at any time at the current moon phase and revisit the sessions each month or whenever you feel called. The deeper you dive in the more transformative the results will be...I have an exclusive offer for you as an affiliate for Simona. I wouldn’t promote this unless I believed in it 1000% so rest assured, this will be worth it. With the NEW MOON in Taurus on 4th May, it’s the perfect time to begin your journey with manifesting!

The course cost is normally £111, but with this special link to book and my code: MOONLOVE , you can get the course at a special rate before midnight on 7th July for ONLY £88. That’s only £22 per week for practices and fantastic information that will last a LIFETIME. I am supporting it as an affiliate because I have experienced the amazing magic that you can tap into when you start manifesting with the moon.

Lots of Love

Rachel x