monthly moon magic:The Sting & the remedy

New Moon in 15 degrees Scorpio exact on 7th Nov 16:06 GMT

In this crazy modern world we live in, using the Moon as guide for beginnings and endings can give us a deeper sense of understanding of the cycles and patterns of our own lives. New Moons are powerful times for healing and regeneration.


This New Moon falls in Scorpio. The scorpion wields powerful pincers and a sting in its tail. Ruled by Pluto, Lord of the underworld, Scorpio reveals the darkest corners of our psyche and highlights issues around control. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, possessive by nature, loves to dominate, can be extreme and at times borderline obsessive. 

But where there is poison, there is also the remedy. This Scorpio New Moon forms a harmonious angle to Neptune which is at home in watery sign of Pisces. This makes the power of the dreamscape especially strong this week. Prioritise getting good rest so you don’t miss any messages. I like to sleep with a mantra on repeat, playing quietly in the background, I’ve found it stimulates profound dreams. I love ‘Maha Mrityunjai’ for its healing transformative energy.  To live a spiritual life is to be guided by spirit, so listen closely to the messages you receive.

Rebel Lilith squares this moon, she’s residing in freedom loving Aquarius. Squares are like doorways to the next level, she’s guarding this portal demanding you do the work of emotional liberation before you proceed. Sing it out, dance it out, stamp it out, walk it out, write it out, shout it out, work it out, this week particularly the energy of deep healing and emotional liberation abounds, trust the process you will be well rewarded.

Scorpio’s highest form is the phoenix rising from the ashes and later in the week, as the Moon reappears in the sky on Friday, and Jupiter moves into fiery optimistic Sagittarius, our horizons will start to feel wider. As we say in Kundalini Yoga, travel light and be the light. 

Sending love 

Sat Nam

Much love till the next New Moon 

Kiranjot xx

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Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!

Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!