monthly moon magic:Getting our house in order

New Moon in 15 degrees Aquarius exact on 4th Mar 21:03pm GMT

Dear heart, How are you this midwinter? Spring is close now but it’s still brrrrrrrr outside. Celestially, the sun and now the moon have moved into Aquarius. In Capricorn we made the journey to the top of our personal mountain, in Aquarius we take in the view and as we descend back to reality the question is how can we take what we’ve learnt and use it to best serve humanity.


Aquarius bears the life giving flow of water for others, it is a task that we gladly accept but can leave us detached from our own needs, if you have a lot of personal planets in Aquarius do make sure to regularly check in with your heart, because we often become preoccupied with keeping an eye out on the world at large.

This moon has landed at an auspicious time, we’ve just celebrated the pagan spring festival of Imbolc, and of course this new moon always arks the start of the Chinese new year, It is customary in the lead up to New Years Day, London Tuesday 5th, to clean the house and make any final Feng Shui adjustments.

After one particularly difficult year when everything felt out of sorts and I couldn’t put my finger on why, I have my house feng shuied to make sure I am making the best of good luck and averting any potential issues. It’s not a small task I often need to move my bed around, but I always feel like it makes such a positive start to the year, you need your Kua Number to get started. If you are tight for time then I strongly recommend a good smudge of your home before the new moon.

This new moon is heavily aspected by the outer societal planets, of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, and making an ‘interesting’ uncomfortable angle to Chiron at 29° Pisces. Any celestial body in last degree of any sign can signify a sense of urgency or even crisis. Chiron the maverick healer, enters Aries the first sign of the Zodiac on Feb 18th, so if you having a bit of a moment right now hang on in there. 

I’ve got a lovely guided mediation on my yoga tube channel to help you feel cozy and contented. Anytime is a good time to meditate. 

Lots of love to you, until next new moon.

Sat Nam

Kiranjot xx

New Year Yoga Retreat:

The next new moon is in Capricorn and it’s eclipsed making it even more potent and I am running a Kundalini Retreat in Kent to work with it’s energy. Capricorn an earth sign carries the energy of matter, that which we create in this world. This will be a long weekend to help you get clear on your goals for 2019, forget resolutions, this is going to be a glorious exploration of our deepest desires. And we’ll get body, mind and sprit aligned to make shift happen for you. The retreat is 3-6 January. Click here for more info.



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Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!

Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!