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New Moon in 15 degrees Sagittarius exact on 7th Dec 7:20am GMT

Ahhhhh the New Moon, my favourite time of the month, a new cycle of energy bought forth into the world. This New Moon is exact in Sagittarius at 07.20am Friday morning. Sagittarian energy is adventurous and optimistic, all about the big picture and future thinking, the archer looks forward, they shoot for the stars. 


This Moon makes a square to Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Squares ask you to level-up, push the boundaries of your comfort zone for the good of your spiritual development and the progress of humanity. But as you look to the end of the year and if you are feeling frazzled and creatively numb, this energy can look like disillusionment and have an avoidant edge to it. 

Give yourself a break. We’ve had an intense year with most of the planets in reflective, retrograde mode. Finally come the New Moon, most of the personal planets; Venus, Mars, and Mercury will be direct. If you’ve felt blocked, expect this energy to move.

Mars is the warrior and Neptune the idealist, at home in his formless, watery world of Pisces. What these celestial energies are actively encouraging you to do, is courageously pursue your dreams. The warlike energy of Mars in the mix, means action, but if you’re not consciously co-creating your life, that could manifest as creative frustration with an unpleasant flavour of passive aggression. Watch your mouth…Sagittarian energy is not known for tact!

There is a helpful aspect to this moon with a sextile to Black Moon Lilith. She’s the energy of the ‘No’, sat right in the middle of Aquarius the humanitarian. She’s there to give you strength to put better boundaries in place and use them to help keep you ‘shift’ together. 

I’m always talking to people in my yoga classes about being the container. We live in a three-dimensional world, in a three dimensional body…are you aware of where you leak energy? Put a stop to it. We’re only at the start of the Age of Aquarius. We may be 7 billion people on the planet, but we all carry unique gifts that Earth needs so badly right now.

We don’t need to know all the answers but we do need to be open to receiving the signs. I love asking a question and using the dream state for guidance, tonight is the night of all nights to go to bed with pen and paper ready to journal on waking. If you use herbs, take mugwort as a tea or sleep with some under your pillow. Start writing as soon as you wake up. Try not to get the rational mind involved. Write anything down even if it’s random, keep writing until the ah-ha’s come.

If you can dream it and it feels good, you can make it happen. 

Sat Nam

Much love till the next New Moon 

Kiranjot xx

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Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!

Kiranjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher as well as a dedicated life-long student of Astrology!