Our Story

Rachel Onojafe, Founder

Rachel Onojafe, Founder

in 2017, I woke up...

To my purpose, to my intuition, to myself.

I am thrilled to introduce you to The Trove, a platform for seekers and for guides to delve deeper into what I call 'spiritual wellness'. I began creating The Trove in a fit of creative, chaotic, beautiful, terrifying inspiration in 2017. Like so many things that inspire me, the idea had its roots in the cosmic. Many of you may remember the 'Great American Eclipse' and how hard it hit a lot of people. Whether you are an astro-nerd or not, something about watching totality cross over much of the USA put the microcosm of our lives into perspective and prompted us to seek further meaning where we had previously been unconsciously bumping along. 

Things had been shifting, I saw it socially, politically, economically but I really felt it personally. I'd been working in a very corporate environment for years, climbing that ladder rung by rung but feeling like I was missing something, like there was something just out of sight on the periphery of my vision. Through diving into several spiritual practices including meditation, following the lunar cycles, studying astrology, breath-work, tarot and much more, I came back in touch with my own sense of self and my intuition. I finished my Saturn-return last year (look that one up, it's a doozy!) and I was ready to birth The Trove into being. 

The Trove is a place for the curious, for the seekers, for those who want to discover the treasure that lies within. For the practical, for the dreamers, for the scientists, for the mystics, for you. I can't wait for you to explore. 


Our Offering:

  • Information on ancient tools and practices for self-love and self-empowerment

  • Events planning, hosting & promotion services

  • Profiles of guides and healers you can work with

  • Brand & business guidance for spiritual wellness businesses via the Shine Coaching Program


How to dive into The Trove:

  • Try something new (there are so many unique practices for getting in touch with yourself, nature and your purpose, get out there!)

  • Check out whether the events are right for you current experience (symbols will show if an event is for beginners, advanced or everyone)

  • Be open (The Trove is a place where people can share ideas, information and their stories in a safe environment. Respect & inclusion are an essential part of our secret sauce.)

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mission statement

Making the world a better place by providing information, inspiration and direction on spiritual wellness to seekers. Encouraging self love and self-empowerment in an age plagued by stress, self-doubt and negative patterns of thinking. Offering access to tools, methods and guides which individuals can use to get in touch with their own intuition and to accept and love themselves, their shadows and light.