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We are thrilled to present ‘Shine ©’, a coaching offering for business professionals & entrepreneurs looking for something more. this program has been custom-created by trove founder, Rachel Onojafe, born from a decade as a top-tier business consultant and her own life experience finding her purpose. shine is for people in the wellness industry and beyond who are seeking new or deeper connection between their life path, purpose and business. it is for those who are ready to let themselves and their vision shine.


meet shine coach, rachel


It all started when…

I realised that the thing I had been working so hard for, the thing that I’d developed so much anxiety, stress, expectation and crippling self-doubt for…was suddenly not what I wanted anymore. I’d been clawing my way up the corporate ladder and, from the outside, doing a great job at a young age, but I was a zombie inside. Trying to channel any motivation I had left into relationships, spending all my money, reading a book a week, and taking up hobbies didn’t make me feel better. I was feverishly trying to find somewhere I could put my talent and energy and coming up empty.

If there’s one thing about me, I’m determined.

I was developing strategies for billion-pound companies and I was known for problem solving abilities, especially when it came to people and high-stress, chaotic situations. So I took myself through the Shine program. Of course, I didn’t know then, that what I created was something I could teach others. But, the things we struggle with in life, often become our expertise! I’ve found my purpose and path and the moment the light came on in my spirit was the most profound of my life thus far.

As part of my path, I’ve been called to coach conscious-business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs as they awaken to their authenticity and follow their mission in making the world a better place. Let’s dive in together…


who is shine for?

  • you have a business idea or are ready for inspiration to strike!

  • You have a business but something’s not quite working

  • You want to pivot your business or transition your offering to the next level

  • you feel overwhelmed by being a sole trader

  • You have loads of ideas but lack focus

  • you are passionate and want your work to be meaningful


You are in a moment of CHANGE. You are at a time of TRANSITION and it can be scary as hell! But you are determined and motivated to figure out how to do this. You think you might be crazy, but you’re excited to see what’s next.

Perhaps all you really know is that you want your work, business, project, calling…whatever you call it…to feel right and to make you get out of bed in the morning knowing you’re on your path and this is what you were made to do.

This is a deep and incredible feeling. I found it for myself in 2017.



“I am so grateful to have worked with Rachel. I am a naturopath and after going through the Shine programme with her, I have gone from being unable to make a full-time living doing what I love  to building a scalable business model. Rachel combines her knowledge of the healing industries, consultancy and coaching to turn your gifts and skills into real world opportunities that help you, help others without sacrificing an income! I have now got the confidence and motivation to achieve my dreams. Thank you so much!” 

- Izzy of Izzy Living, Naturopath, UK


What will i get with shine coaching?

the SHine program is divided into 4 parts: Discover, Define, Unlock & shine

Each step is covered during in-depth personalised sessions where I use a mixture of exercises, intuitive techniques, and proven effective coaching methods to help you come into alignment with your true purpose and path as it relates to the professional realm. This is all about ‘Practical Magic’ and ensuring that you are equipped with highly effective tools that you can use after your coaching and beyond to keep on track with your priorities, boundaries and plan.

Send in your form to enquire about specific parts of Shine and how the programme can be tailored to you

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 If you like what you’ve heard so far and think the Shine coaching programme might be for you, Click the link below to enquire. You can set up a 15 minute discovery call with Rachel to see if Shine is a good fit for you! Coaching packages are tailored to you and start from £150 per hour.