The lotus and the eye

When I set out to create The Trove, I knew the name and branding were very important. I didn’t need a Masters in Marketing to understand that brand imagery is evocative and powerful (though it does help sometimes!). On my branding journey, I’ve spoken to focus groups, polled friends for opinions, worked with amazing professional designer Rebecca Elizabeth and read books and articles on the subject…then I listened to my inner voice and went with my gut. I’m very proud and happy to reveal the new logo for The Trove, The Lotus And The Eye. I know you will come to love it as much as I do.


The Lotus:

One of my favourite sayings of all time is ‘No Mud, No Lotus’. This refers in a literal sense to the amazing way the Lotus flower roots in mud often of ponds and creeks and then rises to the surface to bloom. Few flowers are as important to eastern cultures as the Lotus. You can find rich symbolism and stories about the Lotus in ancient Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist culture. Because of the way the flowers appear to sink at night and rise again in the morning, the Lotus is a potent symbol of rebirth and resurrection. It represents reincarnation and the mysteries of the after-life. In Egypt, priests and priestesses would use Blue Lotus, which has psychotropic effects, to reach a heightened state of awareness to travel to different dimensions or receive messages from beyond.

In the Hindu tradition, the Lotus represents peace and eternity with Lotus blossoms appearing often at the feet of deities. People meditate the world over while sitting in ‘Lotus position’ with their feet tucked in making their legs look like Lotus petals.

The Lotus is the perfect symbol for The Trove as this platform is a special space for sharing ancient modalities and treasures of wisdom; inspiring personal development and spiritual exploration. As I say in the mission statement for The Trove, it’s about finding tools that you can use to accept and love yourself, your shadows and light. This symbol is a reminder that without the mud, the struggle, the falling down, the failure, the darkness, the challenges we must overcome, there would be no Lotus.

The Eye:

The eye at the centre of the Lotus represents everything you can think of relating to eyes…seeing, clarity and especially awakening. Whenever I meet someone who wants to talk about their spiritual journey or personal development, we always talk about ‘when it happened’. Everyone has a story, a sudden moment when the lightbulb turns on and they see the world with different eyes. I always say that once your see, you can’t ‘unsee’ the way the world is and how things are bent and broken from how they should be. How separated and lonely we are as individuals and societies when we should be unified and working together, caring for each other and the planet.

The single eye in iconography usually represents the ‘third eye’ or true sight. That is, seeing with a wisdom beyond your own experience. Intuition is an inner knowing and clarity that can’t really be taught, only experienced. Intuition is at the core of most of the modalities that I want to offer information on at The Trove. The Icelandic word for Intuition is ‘InnSaei’ which has multiple meanings including; ‘the sea within’ or ‘to see within’ and ‘to see from inside out’. I like all of those!

The Trove:

The Lotus And The Eye marks the beginning of the next chapter for The Trove, the introduction of our first 6 months has been a whirlwind of excitement, trying things and learning on the go! And now it’s time for Chapter 1: The Launchpad. I can’t wait to take this message of awakening and accepting shadow and light onwards and upwards with you. As always, your feedback and requests are much appreciated! I can’t wait to continue to build a beautiful community around this platform. One that helps people embrace and appreciate the mud and the Lotus on their path.

Lots of Love

Rachel x

Adventures in branding:

Rebecca and I on the night the Lotus And The Eye was born!

Rebecca and I on the night the Lotus And The Eye was born!

Full Lotus And The Eye Logo

Full Lotus And The Eye Logo