The Magic of lucid dreaming

at 19 Greek Street, Soho, London

24th November, 13:00-15:00 GMT

Tickets are £33 each

In this workshop, you will learn all about the practice of Lucid Dreaming and how to integrate it into your life. Neil Greenwood will lead us in a practical and illuminating exploration of our dreamscape, guiding us in making the subconscious, conscious.

Did you know that ‘Lucid Dreaming’ is a higher sensory power of ours? We are typically aware of our 5 senses, and occasionally delve into the mystical by opening up to what we like to call a ‘sixth sense’. But there are so many more sensory perceptions available to us when we choose to train our minds and bodies.

Lucid dreaming occurs in a sleeping state, when your awareness effectively wakes and you realise that you are in fact dreaming. From this point on you can play an interactive role in the dreamscape, taking control of the environments and people around you, even choosing the exact adventures that you wish to journey upon.

Read more:

Learn more, before our event, about Lucid Dreaming in this article from Neil Greenwood.

What to expect:

· Introduction to the concept and practice of Lucid Dreaming

· Practical tips and guidelines for your own dream life

· Guided Lucid Dream meditation

What you will get:

· A dream journal for you to use at home

· Useful tips and information about Lucid Dreaming to inform your own practice

What to bring: 

· Wear comfortable clothes as we will be sitting on the floor on mats and cushions

· Bring warm clothes for the meditation which will be done lying down

· A water bottle and a pen for hydration and inspiration!


Neil Greenwood

Neil Greenwood is a meditation expert and spiritual healer, currently teaching mindfulness and healing practises worldwide. Deeply fascinated by universal knowledge and human potential, he lives the life of a spiritual scientist. Forever learning and advancing his own creative and intellectual acumen.

Along this path he opened to divine instruction, activating his highest potential within, enhancing his psychic abilities and communication with the world of spirit. He is the leader of Echochamber, a community of ‘light’ minded individuals, who are awake and involved with the positive transformation taking place in this world here and now. He welcomes you to join this group