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Are you looking for balance?

The elements are the basic energies that make up the natural world. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. often we feel out of balance when one element is over-activated. Re-balancing the elements within you can be a powerful tool for dealing with anxiety, overwhelm, lack of motivation or burnout. We’ve created a free gift for you: a How-to guide on finding balance with the elements. Click below to access this guide!


in 2017 i woke up...

Read a bit more about the journey of how The Trove came into being and what drives our founder, Rachel, to work hard to make this dream a reality.

A big welcome to you, curious seeker, reading this. Enjoy your exploration.

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"People are waiting for you to open the door for them by opening yourself"

Guru Jagat


July Cosmic Connections:

2nd New Moon Cancer & Eclipse

8th holly Month begins

8th Mercury Rx

12th chiron retrograde

16th full moon capricorn

23rd Sun enters Leo


Mantra for the month:

Joy and contentment is an inside job